Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Here is a paragraph from one of my short stories.

"As I sit here to contemplate my life I look down at the pen in my hand; I lack an index finger. It is not a surprise to me, I have known of its absence for some years now. I am however, pressed to a time in my mind when it was removed without my approval. The atrocity of such an act is indescribable, but yet someone conceived it and brought it to fruition. One might wonder what had I done to receive such a sentence? Could there ever be a good reason to disfigure someone? Are there any circumstances that would lesson the barbarity of such an act? Our human minds grapple for understanding in the face of such an extreme. We propose scenarios where the extreme can be called, Just and the act balanced as a result of another extreme. And so it is that we as humans take sides and position ourselves on one side of a cause or ideal. It seems to me that the side of humanity and the kind treatment of each other should always preside. The reality of our world is that too often, brother will strike brother and man will kill, even himself, if he perceives a Just reason in his mind."

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